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File size: 4077 Kb
Date added: 21 May 2008
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 590
Downloads last week: 204
Product ranking: 75/100

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25 Jun 2017Posted by Mackenzie


Our antivirus software didn't report any problems when we tested it, though. It gives your computer a pattern lock screen where you drag your mouse along a 3X3 grid until you make your preset pattern. You can set an emergency

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9 Jan 2014Posted by Julia


accessible around the perimeter, and there's a space to add files across the bottom. Nice options: You can quickly rename batches of files, choose whether to save separately or copy to a destination folder, decide what number to start sequencing with, and select the number increment you'd

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[TAR] sony ssg [working version]

29 Apr 2008Posted by Kayla


start-up applications and all modules are additional tools quickly accessed with a click or two. Advanced users will greatly appreciate the easily configured process monitor graph. While it would have been helpful to be able to change font size, the program font is serviceable. Any user who has opened the Task Manager

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28 Jun 2007Posted by Mila


program. Ringtone maker: In addition to all of the features you'd expect from a program that helps you manage your device's data, sony keygenerator ssg also lets you create ringtones from music on your computer and then load them to your phone. Just pick the track you want to use, and let the app do the rest. iTunes access: From sony keygenerator ssg, you

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21 May 2014Posted by Charlotte


of functions. Despite the low design aesthetics, the app proved to offer powerful capabilities in our tests. We liked the ease this app offered for choosing hexadecimal, decimal, octal, or binary operations simply by clicking a radio button, and we liked that the keypad keys and buttons automatically faded as

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6 Sep 2007Posted by Charlotte


set; right-clicking the system tray icon merely accesses About and Exit buttons. Part of this program's appeal is its simplicity, and a few seconds of practice was sufficient to have us flicking windows open with rapid mouse moves. sony keygenerator ssg is the sort of small, free

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29 Jul 2015Posted by Evelyn


sequence. Also, some of the transitions are quite slow and may frustrate impatient users. Paris may be worth testing for the 30-day trial period and even might be worth buying since it's so cheap, but it's a strictly average choice in the long run. The animated images, birdcalls, and musical soundtrack in sony keygenerator ssg create a restful feeling. But don't let them lull you

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19 May 2015Posted by Ashley


isn't a very secure method, since the program itself wasn't password protected. It's free, but this program wasn't intuitive. It needs a few lines of user guidance, especially for the novice user. More experienced users will want more options than sony keygenerator ssg has to offer. We suggest you skip this one--there are simply too many better encryption programs available. This handy

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22 May 2013Posted by Ruby


This feature makes navigation quick and convenient, and you can customize your folder pop-up menu to include all of the folders that you use most often to make it an even more effective tool. This app runs from the taskbar

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17 Sep 2008Posted by Hannah


program's built-in Help file does an adequate job of explaining the program's features. sony keygenerator ssg has a 21-day trial period. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We do not particularly recommend this program; there are many other more robust programs with more-powerful selection tools.

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19 Oct 2008Posted by Kylie


installs and uninstalls without issues. sony keygenerator ssg for Mac lets users with iOS devices change the icon that's displayed for their wireless carrier. The app is easy to use, but unfortunately, it didn't work for us. We're not ones to really fiddle around much with our iPhone 5's display, so we were a little nervous about trying

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