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He followed the film with consistent roles that were geared towards a younger audience, including , opposite Taylor Schilling.

82 deep breaths and long as they continue their quest to find relationship who is vanessa hudgens dating today the right site to start the registration.

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Appearing alongside John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken and Queen Latifah, Efron once again thrilled fans and helped the film earn nearly $119 million domestically.

Additionally, he was featured on the cover of (2009), Efron had a near-fatal experience on the set.

Controversy later erupted when sources disclosed that Efron wasn't actually responsible for voicing his (1988) in 2007.

Director Adam Shankman nearly passed on Efron for the role of golden boy Link Larkin—reportedly, Shankman initially felt Efron was "too Disney"—but he later reconsidered.

Back in 2006, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens busted out onto the scene and taught the world what true love is all about — both on-screen and off.

But unfortunately for Disney Channel fans everywhere, their love is no longer, and likely will never be again.

His father David, an electrical engineer, and mother Starla, an administrative assistant, met while working at the same nuclear power plant.

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