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We offer a truly Catholic environment, thousands of members, and highly compatible matches based on your personality, shared Faith, as well as your lifestyle.

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Besides it's cold out there and the beer is cheaper in my house.

At least this way you get to know people a bit before meeting, without the beer goggles and smoke machines clouding your judgement and if you can meet friends at the same time (which this site is fantastic for) then all the better Not all young people (whatever "young" means!!! What they do have to offer that beats the internet, is a face to face opportunity to meet someone local in a relaxed atmosphere......you have to like that sort of atmosphere.

Sure I have a few, but they live miles away from me - up where I went to college (70ish miles) or around my parents house (140 miles)I have tried to make new friends where I live, but it just dosn't work so I have given up. I have nothing to loose & everything to gain from this. It's just that Po F is an excellent place to chat to lots of people that you would otherwise never have a chance to meet.

Little point if when you TRY you basically get it thrown back in your face. Merry Christmas Neil Young people aren't necessarily comfortable with the pub/club scenario of meeting people.

Not every youngster conforms to smoking, binge drinking, drugs and shagging around...

I used to go to pubs/clubs in my young adult days and to be honest it did little for me apart from suffering hangovers and a heavy dent in my finances. Pubs/clubs are ok within moderation but maybe youngsters want a little more diversity in their social lives instead of getting hammered every weekend, plus it doesn't seem so safe going out nowadays, does it?I went out with my sister a bit but I always felt like i was tagging along.They were her friends not mine.(although they are mine now)I went back to college and made friends, although most 6 years younger than me with carefree lives and I couldn't possinly keep up with. I have met a rather nice fella off here, who is younger than me and he's lubbly!without fear of getting their heads kicked in or worse! money as a lot to do with it or the lack of it as you pointed out! Some people find themselves in situations that mean the can not afford to go out all the time and have other responsibilities.I moved a long way to be with my ex, then moved back to my mums and most of my friends who I had been to school with etc had all moved on with their lives.The NHS is struggling especially in the festive peroid because of pub/club go-ers just act like pathetic drunken sheep. *munches a whole tin of texas BBQ pringles*I can think of two valid reasons.1.

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