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If you haven't read Kristen Roupenian's story, you should because there's a good chance it may feel very real. The story focuses on Margot and Robert, who meet at the movie theater Margot works at.They start texting and eventually go on a date and have some disappointing sex.But its mundanity didn’t stop it launching a storm: every conceivable group of Tweeter has been weighing in, from high-brow commentators, to millennials at large, to female twentysomething daters.

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It’s particularly disturbing right now given our current conversation about sexual harassment and abuse." Though the story may feel shocking, for a lot of women, the mixed messages, the games, and the lack of respect feels all too familiar — a guy at a bar tells you you're pretty and if you say you're not interested, immediately calls you a "b*tch".

It may happens on dating apps or after a few dates, so it's no surprise that so many women who date men wanted to share this story on social media.

But the rampant popularity shows that it's filling a void — that we are lacking something.

Stories about young women's experiences, especially in dating, are often not given the gravity or significance they deserve.

In fact, women on the internet basically exploded with how close it hit to home. While women across the internet found this story to be an accurate representation of modern dating, heterosexual men, unsurprisingly, disagreed.

Though there were some dudes who seemed to realize that this piece deserved male attention and could be very enlightening, a lot of men just missed the point.

Today, it is the last sphere in which gender remains a mystery.

All the fuss over the rights and wrongs of the protagonists seen through the lens of modern gender politics is just noise.

“It’s been a tough week for thirtysomething men called Robert”.

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