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This pinnacle is leveraging your leadership to serve the needs of others. King characterized these feelings as the drum major instinct: And there is deep down within all of us an instinct.It’s a kind of drum major instinct—a desire to be out front, a desire to lead the parade, a desire to be first. King challenged us to explore how we will maximize our leadership influence.And every now and then I wonder what I want them to say.

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If any of you are around when I have to meet my day, I don’t want a long funeral.

And if you get somebody to deliver the eulogy, tell them not to talk too long.

In the case of the EBB, buckling predicts better preservation of hydrocarbons as potential Triassic source rocks may enter the oil and gas window after deposition of Middle Jurassic reservoir rocks and formation of Late Jurassic–Early Cretaceous traps.

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Various models are tested, characterized by different compositions for the lower crust.

Results show that lithospheric shortening/buckling may result in compensated ultra-deep basins like the EBB provided the presence of crustal heterogeneities such as a mafic underplate.

This is the type of leadership that sparked the civil rights movement as people from all walks of life discovered their ability to lead social change in their communities and in the Nation following Dr. This is a focus of putting first things first: But I want you to be first in love. King outlined the importance of greatness emerging from your commitment to service to others. But recognize that he who is greatest among you shall be your servant. Each person has a unique composition of leadership strengths that when leveraged strategically can have a tremendous effect.

This boils down to one simple question: Will you leave the world a better place than how you found it? The 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott is a profound example of the power of the collective.

Tell them not to mention that I have three or four hundred other awards—that’s not important. I’d like somebody to mention that day that Martin Luther King, Jr., tried to give his life serving others.

The essence of the drum major instinct transforms the traditional notion of leadership and offers a glimpse of an alternative paradigm.

Lithospheric extension is proposed as one of the most common mechanism to explain the formation of intra-continental sedimentary basins.

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