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Or is there no limit as long as the youngster in question is legal and not a complete airhead?” Gay Single Guy (Jay Dyckman): Yes, there is an age too young for anyone to date. Any dating combo of two people both under 35 (provided both are over 21…yes, 21, not 18) is probably not a big deal.No one really considers themselves that old before hitting 35. If you’re over 35 and you date someone more than 10 years your junior, you will — and rightly so — be mocked (and silently envied) by your friends and enemies for such dating hubris. And this goes for both men and women: Dating much younger than yourself connotes a power dynamic that is creepy yet totally gender non-specific.

When it got to be like (they had been talking for 2 hours!!!! Save me from this boy-eating female who I used to love! A couple more weeks of hearing that she's "weird," "creepy," "boy-eating," "annoying," "immature," and "wrong" for daring to date someone—let alone a slightly-younger someone—and not only will you not have to worry about your friend ruining your girly bonding time with her phone conversations, but she'll probably stop speaking to you altogether! Because while it's not cool to put your friends on hold for a guy, it's just freakin' , Sparkler.

) I said loudly, so he heard, "I think it's time for little boys to go to bed,". She gave me the death stare and promptly wandered into my guest bedroom, laying on the bed and talking to him for another 45 minutes. There's so much sanctimonious snark dripping from your letter that your friend would have to be blind not to notice it.

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But if you’re over 35, you can date anyone — of any age disparity — who is over 35. The good people of corporate America have decided that once we’re older than 35, we are no longer a desirable marketing demographic. After 35, big age differences are obviously apparent, but both parties have fully exited the nubile stage so no one really cares.

You are no longer hip, cool, or capable of dating someone who had an “American Idol”-themed Bar Mitzvah. Hell, if someone of the Gen Next persuasion wants to tap your old bones, consider yourself lucky. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. The Ewok Line correlates the birth year of a person and the subsequent appreciation of Ewoks, fictional teddy bear-like creatures from the 1983 film Return of the Jedi.So while of course you're free to arbitrarily limit your own dating pool exclusively to people whose birthdays precede your own, there's no reason to label people who don't as delinquent creepsters.As for what's next, it's time to decide what you value more: your friendship with Krystal, or your desire to slam her for her dating choices.Together, you can work it out so that everyone feels loved, nobody feels judged, and—please, in the name of all that is good and pure—nobody ever calls anyone else a "cougar" again.

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