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Chee Wong, 47, committed the offence while removing wisdom teeth at his clinic in Guildford, Surrey.

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Police are appealing for witnesses to the 9 November attack, particularly residents of Albany Road and Portland Street on the Aylesbury estate.

Jail term for sex assault dentist A dentist who sexually assaulted a female patient while she was under sedation in his surgery has been jailed for three years.

Colin and Justin were so nice it was hard to believe they were gay.

I don't regret going back in, as tempting as being gay is, it's a full time commitment.

Bradford Crown Court was told police caught up with him when he crashed into some railings and two parked cars.

Yasin, of Hyde Park road, King Cross in Halifax, admitted dangerous driving. A teenager was abducted at gunpoint, sexually assaulted and robbed as she walked to her Birmingham home...The call came after jobless Kurdish refugee Hernin Azad, 20, admitted driving without due care and attention, with no insurance and no licence, on Barden Lane last October 29.Burnley magistrates heard two motorists were injured when Azad came out of a side street without stopping and smashed into one of them.Instead he was given a muscle relaxing drug which caused his heart to stop. Mrs Aru was not authorised to administer either drug. over homeless woman's rape This is one of two men suspected of raping a 46-year-old woman sleeping rough in a council block in Walworth, south west London.Fury over crash driver's sentence A ROAD group today said it was "shocked and disappointed" that an uninsured driver who caused a serious accident had been fined just 233.

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