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To access this message, simply click on the GM Chat Request icon and a special chat window will open which will allow you to have a secure conversation with the awaiting Game Master.By default, this window will appear on the left side of your screen, just above the standard location of your primary chat window.In general the server channels are joined in the following order by Wo W: '1.

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This window may be moved around and even closed at will.

If closed, the GM chat window may be re-opened at any time by clicking on the “Open GM Chat Log” button, accessed via the In-Game Knowledge Base (the big red “? With this, should a Game Master send another message after the GM chat window is closed, the GM Chat Request icon will again appear in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

For more information regarding the Reset UI process, please see the following:

article Id=35090 With this new interface, it will be easier than ever to talk to one of our staff without the distractions of busy scrolling chat text, and with full confidence that you are indeed in a conversation with a member of our In-Game Support team.

That's because PARTY chat is sticky as opposed to channel chat where if you type in a channel the next time you open the edit box with enter or / it will be on the last sticky type you were using before you chatted in a channel.

The server "Trade" channel is only usable within capital city walls.

It also only appears in Get Channel List() when you are in a capital city.

Click on the "Chat Bubble" on the chat box tool bar, then highlight "Language" with the cursor. From there you can click one to choose which language you prefer to speak. Channel colors are saved according to channel number.

Customer Support now offers a live web chat option as an alternative to calling us so we can assist you as efficiently as possible.

We want to make sure we address your issue completely the first time, and this new system allows us to better help you.

Should you possess any questions regarding this new feature, however, please do not hesitate to ask. [Edit: Link changed.] The order in a chat channel is determined by the age of the characters within the channel (based on the character's creation date, not total time played).

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