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They can then exchange some interaction before making the decision to meet. Not saying it's the best way..it beats lots of other alternatives. The OT doesn't take the practical application of the question into consideration, which is that most people are prefer someone they'd actually like to have sex with, and no just a warm body (alcohol induced binges not withstanding).

Then I know that I have at least sparked an interest in some other aspect! The problem is when the men find out I live in the Keys, I am supposed to do the 90 minute drive each way, give up my day, let them get happy and then hit the road. If I had a $ for every request I get that says; tell me in detail what you want me to do, what a transparent request for free cybersex! My location has nothing to offer unless I am willing to settle for; no teeth, no liver, no hygiene, etc. (and for the chicks who are here for sex, ee Maybe some woman are looking for sex on here, but me personally, I get hit on outside of here and know that I can get laid if I really want to. If I wanted it that bad I could do as all the other posters have suggested: take a ten minute stroll down to the bottom of my street, walk in the bar - and perhaps even without ordering a drink - be up against a wall in the back lane and home again in 45 minutes.

I just kind find a man that wants to actually meet, seems jerking off over the keyboard is more fun. I'm not speaking from direct experience - honest - just used to serve drinks in a similar establishment not too far from here.

Now, if a man sends me a PM asking questions about sex, a post I made here in the forums about sex, what I like sexually, without ever speaking to me about anything else, ever, he gets blocked and the PM gets deleted.

I can find conversation like this from an 18 year old.

To me, it's pretty idiotic, but I don't claim to know how men think.

The weirdest was a man who just wanted me to watch him DANCE on camera. So far I've had 3 women message me for sex, the youngest of the 3 was 10 years older than myself. So, in my experience some of the women are here looking to fulfill maybe a fantasy. And if you're my mom's age, please stop trying to sleep with me :(Honestly...

It was incumbent upon me, if I wanted to keep my job, to not say "that didn't take you long" before asking certain patrons if they wanted another beer.

Never received a penis picture because I don't give my MSN address out lightly and I don't have a webcam. Yeah, it really bothered me when I got sex messages, especially from old men.

I noticed that a lot of the women looking for intimate encounters are married. No, but pervs like the guy you mentioned like to think so. I think it's loaded question the way you've asked it.

:)I have a line in my profile that basically states that if I just wanted sex, I wouldn't have to come here for it... Yet, I still get the "Hey, I'm looking for some NSA fun... Are women looking for sex with any old random partner, like snagging someone at a grocery store at random? But for that matter, neither are most of the guys on here.

My thought was that, hey, I'm a reasonable looking 23 year old girl.

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