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An anti-fan known as Ralph on the Web claims on his site that PO5’s heart-wrenching stories make him “physically ill”; yet he faithfully rates several installments for sappiness on his Ralph-o-Meter (ratings range from “settled stomach” to “heaving begins” to “emergency room”). “To value the opinion of somebody because they’re on TV seems absurd to me.

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The couple, who began dating a year ago and shared Wolf’s three-bedroom Los Angeles house, seemed the picture of compatibility in mid-January.

“One of the best things that I’ve gotten out of my experience with Party of Five is my relationship with Paula,” Wolf said, beaming.

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Well, if you don’t, this story will surely make you a believer.

He told Cohen that it was weird doing kissing scenes with her because he was 24 at the time — and she was just 16.

There were a lot of hugs.” PHOTOS: TV shows gone too soon Wolf also discussed another one of his costars, Jennifer Love Hewitt, who played his on-and-off girlfriend Sarah on the show.

Moments later, while watching the scene replayed on a monitor, they begin to giggle.

Says Wolf: “My mom is going to bawl when she sees this one! Each week 10 million viewers tune in to watch the trials and torments of the Salinger kids, a close-knit quintet of well-to-do orphans from San Francisco.

Says co-creator and executive producer Christopher Keyser: “We have a growing core audience who seem interested—and willing—to follow the Salingers’ ups and downs.

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