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A conventional radio uses one antenna to transmit a data stream.Belkin's smart antenna radio (MIMO), on the other hand, uses three antennas.

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MIMO technology will be used for 802.11 n, a standard for next-generation 802.11 products that boosts throughput to 100Mbps.

The element that makes Belkin's Pre-N MIMO technology different from a conventional radio is the use of three antennas and two simultaneous data streams to deliver wireless transfers around your home or office.

The list of wireless keyboards above are the units the WD TV Live HD Media and WD TV Live Plus player were tested with, and has been provided by customer request. The WD TV Live HD Media player and WD TV Live Plus should work with most wireless keyboards.

BELKIN Wireless Pre-N Router Share your high-speed connection without cables Table of Contents 1 Introduction Advantages of a Wireless Network 1 Revolutionary 108 Mbps Wireless Pre-N Technology with MIMO 2 Placement of your Wireless Pre-N Router 4 2 Product Overview 8 Product Features 8 3 Knowing your Router 11 Package Contents 11 System Requirements 11 Easy Install Wizard Software System Requirements 11 4 Connecting and Configuring your Router 16 5 Alternate Setup Method 24 6 Using the Web-Based Advanced User Interface 42 Changing LAN Settings 43 Viewing the DHCP Client List Page 45 Configuring the Wireless Network Settings 46 Setting WPA Security 51 Setting WEP Encryption 52 Using the Access Point Mode 54 Setting MAC Address Control 55 Configuring the Firewall 57 Using the Dynamic DNS 61 Restarting the Router 64 Updating the Firmware 69 7 Manually Configuring Computer Network Settings 77 8 Recommended Web Browser Settings 82 9 How to Set Up your Network to Operate with AOL® for Broadband and your Network Router 84 10 Troubleshooting 96 11 Information 112 Introduction Thank you for purchasing the Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router (the Router).

During the 1990s, Stanford University researchers Greg Raleigh and V. Jones showed that a characteristic of radio transmission called multipath, which had previously been considered an impairment to radio transmission, is actually a gift of nature.

Multipath occurs when signals sent from a transmitter reflect off objects in the environment and take multiple paths to the receiver.MIMO encodes a high-speed data stream across multiple antennas.Each antenna carries a separate, lower-speed stream.A channel with multipath then would be like a bundle of virtual wires.2 Introduction To exploit the benefits the virtual wires offer, MIMO uses multiple, spatially separated antennas.This design helps combat distortion and interference. It builds on one-dimensional smart antenna technology by simultaneously transmitting two data streams through the same channel, which increases wireless capacity.

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