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Wearing a tight-fitting white T-shirt that shows off her defined arm muscles and sinewy body, she doesn't make small talk.And when she sits briefly for a conversation, she looks straight at me in a way that indicates she wants to get right down to business, while her mind races ahead to the 20 other items she's got at hand.

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Show Updates People News Spoiler News Entertainment News Reality TVDB POP Hollywood Reality TV News Wire Features & Interviews Sexy Social Pics of the Day Things to Know Profiles Message Boards Shows Listing In a finale that left dissatisfied viewers struggling to determine which disliked team they would least mind seeing win, The Amazing Race 6's model/actor-filled season ended somewhat aptly -- with Freddy Holliday and Kendra Bentley, engaged models from Miami, FL, winning the sixth edition of the race around the world...

but CBS quickly attempting to wash the bad taste away via an extended promo for The Amazing Race 7, which premieres in only three weeks and promises a model-free cast.

Both Freddy and Kendra and Kris and Jon passed them while Rebecca desperately searched for the proper lock, leaving Adam and Rebecca in a frantic race with Hayden and Aaron, who had encountered taxi issues on their way to the roadblock, to complete the task and check-in as the last team that would compete in the race's final leg.

After spending hours repeatedly testing each lock to no avail, Hayden and Aaron decided to quit the roadblock and take a four-hour penalty, apparently gambling that with the roadblock site only minutes from closing, unless Rebecca found her lock in the next few minutes, they would still qualify as the leg's third place team.

Despite finishing second, Kris and Jon didn't leave the race empty-handed -- they discovered how strong their relationship truly was, and according to this morning's The Early Show appearance, are no longer a long-distance couple, with Kris having since relocated to the Scottsdale, Arizona area where Jon resides.

As for Adam and Rebecca (who obviously finished third), their ending hasn't been quite so happy, with TAR6 contestant Victoria Fuller recently telling the Edmonton Sun that they "aren't really on speaking terms now." Immediately after The Amazing Race 6 ended, CBS ran an extended promo for The Amazing Race 7, which premieres Tuesday, March 1 at 9PM ET/PT.

She is a dashing lady with her sexy and fit body and a hint of Tom Boyish character.

She can be accounted as one of the hot and attractive who has maintained her height per weight ratio.

After rather effortlessly completing their detour and roadblocks, both teams rushed to back the Honolulu airport, with Kris and Jon (who had once again managed to establish a short lead over Freddy and Kendra) booking a flight that an American Airlines agent assured them was the airport's fastest flight to Chicago, The Amazing Race 6's finish line.

Unfortunately for them, the agent's information wasn't correct, with Freddy and Kendra arriving at the United Airlines terminal and managing to book a flight that would get them into Chicago at AM -- 28 minutes before the American Airlines flight.

Illustrating how ineffective the non-elimination loss-of-cash penalty that was introduced in The Amazing Race 5 has become, Adam, 27, and Rebecca, 29, not only quickly panhandled enough money to join the other three teams on their 17-hour train ride to Xi'an, but also quickly jumped into first place, becoming the first team to arrive at the leg's car factory detour.

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