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Many viewers feel confident that Burton is the real Jason, with Miller playing the long-lost twin Drew, and Kelly Monaco's Sam will have some tough decisions to make soon.

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Some Killy fans are convinced that Monaco is secretly dating Billy Miller.

However, according to what happened on air on Monday night, it looks like she is sticking with her story that they are really just very good friends.

That seemed to once again spark the rumors of those two as a real-life couple.

Does this new photo reinforce those rumors that Miller and Monaco are in a hot romance off-screen? ” Kelly has always claimed that she and Billy are just good friends. After all, Cheryl Burke did say that Kelly Monaco was single, and she did try to fix her BFF up with her dance partner, Terrell Owens.

This is all about Kelly Monaco dating rumor and past affairs.

For more information about other celebs keep in touch. If you have ever watched one of best American television series ‘General Hospital’ you might notice the great On-screen chemistry of Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco.But while talking about their relationship with Kelly Monaco she stated that: Billy and I were hanging out with a bunch of friends. Let's wish in near future we will hear about their off-screen relationship.Till the date, the reason behind their separation is not revealed neither they have posted anything regarding their relationship on social media.Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy Source: After separation with Michael in 2010, Billy was in a relationship with an American Actor Heath Freeman. Beside that Kelly, dating rumor was with Val Chmerkovskiy in 2013.The former couple started dating in 1991 and were often seen spending time together.

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