Who is jackie appiah dating scottish singles dating

He said; “I received a call and the caller told me that there is a letter from Nadia Buari.

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Who is jackie appiah dating

He is simply a colleague and there is no truth in the allegation that we are dating. Because people see us together does not mean we are romantically inclined.

Yeah I know these two are denying that they are a couple but na lie o…they are not only dating, they are already talking marriage…

Is love really not enough in certain circumstances, even in marriage?

The very one thing or element which lead to marriage can probably be the same thing…’you can finish the sentence’Well, one man’s poison is another man’s meat…remember that NSB will bring you more as this news unfolds For now, check out the actress engagement photo clip back in June 2009 very sad to hear but it's better to be happy out of marriage than to be in a sad and depressing marriage..

Is Jackie Appiah trying to pass a message across with her T-Shirt?

Since her divorce from the father of her son, Jackie Appiah has been rumoured to be dating a Nigerian actor which she has never confirmed.

This must be terrible news for the top award winning movie star fans.

The actress has one lovely son out of the estrange marriage Although NBS cannot confirm who actually ended the marriage or what caused the collapse of the star’s marriage, it’s reported that the star is happier today than she was when married. Once upon a time, we were in love but now we are better apart.

The divorced mother of one, who has denied dating Bobby in the past saying he’s just a colleague, is actually considering marrying the Nigerian actor after he suggested marriage around Valentine this year.

I don’t know if they will get married, but if they do, remember you read it here first…

Jackie Appiah and her Ghanaian lover, Peter Agyeman got married about 5 years ago and the wedding produced a beautiful son.

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