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The happy couple currently resides in London, where they both work.

The net worth of Nicole is 0 million and is one of the richest actress and her demand for a movie is million and 250 million of Tom Cruise.

21 years old of Age, Isabella has just transitioned from her teen stage. Moreover, it is said that she worked as an apprentice for Katie’s Holmes & Yang, a fashion label created by her step mom Katie Holmes before moving to London.

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Born on December 22, 1992, Isabella Cruise is one of the two adopted children of hot -shots of Hollywood Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

After the divorce of Cruise and Kidman in 2001, Isabella and another adopted child Connor Antony, decides to stay with their father Cruise in Los Angeles, according to the legal divorce paper of Cruise and Kidman.

But talking about Isabella, there is no exact detail on her net worth but talking about her husband he is just a regular person with a regular job.

He is an IT specialist, and this couple is living in one bedroom apartment in a converted terraced house, which they share with three other tenants.

Katie and Tom divorce in 2012 after five and half years of marriage because Katie files for divorce.

Now, what is interesting to see is, Isabella is a smart one in maintaining good relationship with everyone.

Max Parker is an IT specialist and is known for marrying Isabella Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise.

Max opposite of his wife's' family belongs to a normal and regular family.

The two got married the next year and this couple in the relations of 11 years adopted two children Isabella and Connor.

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