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“You always want to present yourself well, but it can be a fine line,” says Robin Givhan, Pulitzer Prize–winning fashion writer for “The interest in Desirée Rogers’s style began to overwhelm all the other things she was doing here.” The Secret Service ended up accepting full responsibility for the state dinner fiasco, but the incident highlighted the fact that Rogers had traipsed into the ball past the throng of photographers like the other guests, wearing an avant-garde Comme des Garçons evening gown.By then, she had risen so quickly and so high on the Washington scene that a fall hardly came as a surprise.

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Or was she simply too headstrong and flashy to be a good team player in a political arena?

It has been noted that before she went to Washington, Rogers’s social status and wealth had exceeded that of the Obamas for many years, yet suddenly she was supposed to be working for them. At the beginning of the Obama administration, Rogers was—outside of the president and the First Lady—the most enticing member of Team Obama.

Her first week on the job, she met with Sharon Percy Rockefeller, CEO of D.

C.’s public television station WETA, to map out a series of concerts—including performances by Stevie Wonder and Paul Mc Cartney—that would be broadcast.

Still, she took comfort in the familiarity of Chicago and a strong circle of close friends.

“She remains part of the power elite here,” says Bill Zwecker, the entertainment and society columnist.

Then there was her high-profile visit to New York during Fashion Week.

And she was quoted talking about the president, his wife, and the administration’s goals in business jargon, saying, “We have the best brand on earth: the Obama brand.” Rumors floated that some in the West Wing, including people Rogers knew from Chicago—Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel—were becoming increasingly frustrated with her attention-grabbing diversions.

The White House social secretary is traditionally a quiet, in-the-background job, dominated by protocol and lists.

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