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Hilarious that somebody sent Dylan this anonymously, but even better that he put it on and showed the world how great his love for Cole really is.

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Enjoy lovers ❤💔❤️ A post shared by Sarah Bahbah (@sarahbahbah) on Fans noticed that there may be trouble in Sprouse's longtime relationship with Frazer when Frazer posted a Snapchat of her teary-eyed with the caption "When you find out your bf cheated on you lol." The former The truth always has two sides, and those sides have motivations, and those motivations, despite how cloudy they currently seem, are private https://t.co/Nmd X5GTw O8— Dylan Sprouse (@dylansprouse) August 16, 2017This is complicated and it will remain complicated, but those who know me and who have known me, know well enough what kind of person I am.

RELATED: Cole Sprouse Hilariously Razzles Brother Dylan After Acting Announcement Dylan was still rocking shoulder-length blonde locks, but this time they were paired with a bit of scruff, plus he looked perfectly theater-ready in a black T-shirt, lightwash jeans and a brown belt.

The model has deleted all photos of the 25-year-old actor from her 'gram, while Dylan's feed now consists of just nine posts, eight of which combine to look like a drawing of a living room.

This has caused fans of the pair, who had gotten used to seeing the once loved-up couple post cute pics from their time together in Brooklyn, to go into their own tear-induced frenzies, with many throwing their support behind Dayna.

This is my first series shooting and writing with a male as the lead.

At first I hesitated because I’ve only ever been open to giving women a voice…

The appearance comes just four days after his girlfriend, Dayna Frazer, shocked fans by sharing a selfie on her Instagram story of herself crying with the caption, "When you find out your bf cheated on you lol."The pair started dating in 2014 and appear to have broken up in lieu of the cheating allegations, though neither has publicly commented on Dayna's post.

What they have both done, however, is go on a social media erasing spree.

#This Is Not For You part II, written, shot and directed by me, featuring @dylansprouse.

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