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Indeed, fundamental questions, those that touch the deepest root of human beings have not changed substantially and continue to ...Miguel Mike Benito Fernandez, un inmigrante sin un centavo que se convirtió en un magnate empresarial y filántropo, lleva a los lectores por caminos paralelos: a lo largo de El Camino de Santiago, una peregrinación de 818 kilómetros -- y ...

After suffering a lengthy illness, Francesco s spirit lets his body go and arrives at an unknown place.

Very soon he realizes that he has died and is in Heaven.

It goes beyond mere literary fiction to get us closer to a story of death and rebirth.

This deluxe edition includes new ideas and content, and offers a new approach to better understand the reality in which we live.

Few names inspire the same level of respect and admiration as David Morales.

A native New Yorker and fixture inside NYC’s most definitive house clubs like Paradise Garage and David Mancuso’s The Loft, Morales rose to prominence throughout one of dance music’s most influential eras.

There he receives the teachings of the spiritual masters and asks to visit relatives in their dreams, and is soon sending them messages that help guide them.

This work shows us that death is not the end of everything, but a step towards a transformation.

El Maestro de la vida, es una recopilación de relatos cortos, citas y reflexiones, que pretende enseñar el camino hacia la sabiduría, para así tratar de comprender mejor la vida, que es un maestro cruel, que primero pone las pruebas ... Al terminar de escribir este libro se liberaron mi alma y mi corazón, ...

New York House Legend David Morales Returns to Close Out Summer: Forward Disco Presents a Night with Def Mix at Cielo New York, NY New York-House legend and Grammy award-winning producer David Morales returns to NYC to headline Forward Disco’s Summer Closing party later this month on September 23rd.

In terms of original productions, Morales has been busy bringing his Red Zone alias and sound to labels such as Cadenza, Suara, Quantize, Mo Black and of course on his own label, Def Mix.

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