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Finally, the closing section elaborates on Adichie's relationship to the media, popular culture and new divulgatory forms offered by present technology.

The relationship between Adichie and her publisher was thought to be so close that she has become synonymous with Farafina. Adichie had run the popular Farafina Writing Workshop, for which she was the Creative Director, in partnership with her publishers and the Nigerian Breweries.

The workshops have held since 2008 but the 2017 edition could not hold because the sponsors pulled out.

Moreover, this text also examines the postcolonial element to Adichie's writing and how it relates to her feminist stance.

Four of Adichie's texts are presented for analysis in a postcolonial and intersectional light: Purple Hibiscus, Half of A Yellow Sun, The Thing Around Your Neck, and Americanah.

In the beginning, Adichie introduces Ifemelu’s current situation – going to certain lengths to get her hair braided – waiting at the Princeton Junction train station wondering “why there was no place where she could braid her hair” because at this point she already knew that it was unlikely of Princeton to have braiding salons in the first place because of the low number of black locals that did not give her the impression that they would want braids at all. There is a sense of survival when Ruth says that the way Ifemelu wears her hair matters in the case of her getting that job and Ifemelu laughing at the memory of those words and how they now point to her.

Further into the novel, Adichie took the reader back into time when Ifemelu is preparing for an interview and the words of her Aunty Uju’s friend’s advice seeped into the words Ruth were advising Ifemelu with. In result of her getting her hair relaxed, she gets scabs on her head and finds it difficult to lay on her pillow and later her hair began to fall out which drove her to, in the words of black women, “go natural”.

On the other hand, white men are with black women because they have this kind of attraction towards exotic cultures,”(Hidalgo, 12).

She goes on to say that their relationship is exposed to many stereotypes and biased ideas, which further proves the previously mentioned point that Ifemelu is taking societal views that have already been constructed specifically for her.

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