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The Hospital was demolished c1995 and ‘Abbey Field View’ housing development now stands on the hospital and barracks site.

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Thomas Lewis devised a plan that decreased a hospital stay to six weeks.

That said, by mid-1918, the ‘Military Heart Hospital’ in Colchester had an admission waiting list of 379 and the number was increasing.

“valuable services rendered” mention 16 August 1918) BENNITT, Mrs.

Military Heart Hospital) BERESFORD, Miss Hilda ( to .

In a ‘1917 Home Hospitals’ list, there were 60 Auxiliary Hospitals in the region “under” the Colchester Military Hospital – of which, 20 were within a 22 mile radius of Colchester. Nurse) BAGGS, Miss Edith Esther (13.8.1917-2.2.1919.

In August 1917, patients from the Military Heart Hospital in Hampstead were moved to the General Military Hospital in Colchester. Also affiliated, in 1917, were 240 beds at Whipps Cross Hospital. Local Voluntary Auxiliary Hospitals, that had become established when the war began, were also affiliated to the General Hospital in Colchester. In May 1915, King George Hospital (Ilford) became an approved military hospital with 56 beds – together with its neighbour ‘Valentines Mansion’. Both were affiliated with the Colchester Military Hospital and provided 137 beds (119 of which were for military use). During peacetime, the hospital treated about 221 patients in eight traditional wards and various side rooms. Nurse) BALL, Miss Carola Arnett Catherine (8.1.1917-19.5.1919 J.

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