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But for years AIM was still there—simply, silently, warmly beckoning for anyone to return. We plan every hangout, we send every news article, we proclaim every relationship in the river of text it taught us to sail.

Our usernames, laden with Harry Potter and Hot Topic references, were kind of embarrassing anyway. ”AIM showed us how to live online, for good and for ill.

We got bored with the sweet and secret internet of our youth, and we began the hard adult work of building our personal brands, watching prestige television, and purchasing different forms of financial insurance (renter’s, medical, dental, life). We all live our whole lives in text chains and group threads now.

We asked homework questions via each other’s walls.

We wrote subtweety openings as our Facebook status, hoping our crush would comment there instead.

It was like Gchat or i Message, but you could only do it from a desktop computer.

They might have a succinct description of our emotional state. But we never actually said that outright; instead, we hinted at their sins and petty slights through suggestion and understatement. Their away lights twinkled in a constellation of teenage social possibility.“What did you even talk about? We asked if they had copied down the math problem sets.

Instant messaging, once a special thrill, now sets the texture of our common life. So AIM, my old buddy, don’t feel bad if you see us shedding a tear. For we’ll see you waving from such great heights—“Come down now,” we’ll say.

But everything looks perfect from far away.“Come down now,” but you’ll stay.

Then feel free to use whatever dumb alias you wish.) AIM appears to have fallen by the way-side, to the graveyard of outdated programs.

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