Where in the quran does it say dating is haram

"Marriage is not a social solution." He says Mut'ah leads to abandonment of pregnant women, unwanted babies, and destroys the purpose and sanctity of marriage.

The leader of the Bay Ridge mosque in Brooklyn, Imam Tarek Yousef, is also a Sunni, but a longtime supporter of Mut’ah marriage.

"Even if it is temporary, it is still a marriage with serious commitments."Alidina says the crucial components of the Mut'ah marriage are the mutual acceptance of the marriage, a bridal gift to the wife paid in cash, and her obligation to stay single for two menstrual cycles after the marriage ends to ensure she is not pregnant before entering into another.

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"I go there to smoke and not to pick up women," he insists.

More often than not, though, he admits he somehow ends up meeting a beautiful girl.

Popular in places like Iran but also quietly practiced in America, Mut'ah is a handy option for unmarried Shiite Muslims who want to have sex without settling down for life.

"There can be no sex outside of marriage," says the 29-year-old Selman, a champion weightlifter who, over the past 10 years, has been temporarily married 25 times.

"Don't blame the principle because it is abused," he says.

"The model is perfect."Selman's 26-year-old friend Richard Giganti provides a different perspective.

“As a Catholic you go to hell for having premarital sex.

Mut’ah understands the human disposition and accommodates me.” These "pleasure marriages" can last for years, months, several days, one night, or a few hours.

Selman says many of the women he meets express "shock" when he explains he must marry them before he can proceed."It is to avoid committing sin, and it is like a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship," he tells them.

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