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Angela was often passionate about people and was shown to have an affinity for the arts, especially poetry.

Not much is known about Angela before she was introduced.

They officially reconcile by Angela's Men by way of Angela's father.

Because Angela cuts him off by thanking him for understanding that spending time with her father was important to her, he declines, and we never find out what the question was.

It is not far fetched to believe it may have been a proposal.

She was shown to have a witty, teasing and sarcastic sense of humor and was one of the more mature members of the group of friends, at times more mature than Topanga.

She was also shown to be a greatly supportive person and often strived to make her friends meet their full potential.

During her goodbyes to Topanga, Cory, Jack, Eric and Rachel, Angela and Shawn hug each other before she goes; though insisting that they should never say goodbye, Angela appeared as a guest star in the Girl Meets World Season 2 episode, Girl Meets Hurricane, during which she reveals that her father has died, and she has been married for four years and is contemplating having children.

In addition to heading the accounting department, Angela is also the office safety officer and (former) head of the Party Planning Committee.She is a constant source of complaints to Human Resources, although she "redacts" those lodged against Dwight Schrute on the onset of their secret romance.Angela lives with several cats, adores posters of infants posed as adults, is possibly a vegetarian, and enjoys singing occasionally.In attempt to counter his selfishness, Shawn asks him if he would still like him if he were to ask Angela to marry him. Moore informs him if he thinks he can handle that responsibility, he'll let him be the most important man in her life.When Angela enters her dorm room where they had been packing her belongings, Shawn takes her into the corner to ask her something.Feeny's class, but there are no interaction between the two seen on screen.

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