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It is unreasonable to assume that all of these affairs are because of the failures and shortcomings of individual husbands and wives.We give lip service to monogamy but in actuality society plays a significant role in the undermining of monogamous relationships, but that is not to excuse individuals and their roles.Monogamy is something most people say the believe in and want for themselves.

King David, one of God’s favorites, had many wives—Michal (Samuel ), Ahinoam, Abigail, Maacah, Haggith, and Eglah (2Samuel3) Of course there was Bathsheba in 2Samuel .

David was condemned for this wife because he had committed adultery with Bathsheba.

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COM FORUM from We must grow our collective energy on every level, and we need all of us for that. It may seem an odd subject, but not as odd as children growing up without father figures in their lives. Polygamy Treatise Although overt polygamy is rare in the United States, it is common around the world.

Polygamy this thread has 42 replies and has been viewed 2150 times Page 1 of 5 1 2 3 4 5 #1 , AM Amun-Ra MEMBER Join Date: Feb 2001 Location: Dallas Posts: 1,868 Rep Power: 25 Polygamy ——————————————————————————– I’ve studied this topic for several years, investigating it as a possibility of giving fathers to the many children in the United States without fathers. The early church even granted dipensation after wrs for a man to have more than one wife in order to replace the male children.

And, you weren’t to marry both a woman and her mother, Leviticus, .

Bigamy was recognized and regulated by the Law of Moses.

Out attitudes about monogamy and affairs are so ingrained that it will be difficult if not impossible to consider anything that deviates from those beliefs.

A new understanding of affairs involves more than just changing our thinking about the causes of affairs.

In some societies many males die off by disease, murder and warfare.

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