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One of the biggest issues facing the LGBTQ today is transgender discrimination.Many people of course are arguing there are only just two genders (i.e. But in doing research, there seem to be more combinations at least at the DNA level.No one advised me of any precautionary measures that would be taken in order to protect my rights as a trainee that came to Werner in a program that claims to support individuals like myself who have served this country.

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He explained that he tried to convince his fleet manager to at least allow me to finish the day’s delivery, but was he was unsuccessful and was advised to immediately bring me back to the Lakeland terminal.

As a result, I was promptly taken off the truck and dropped off at the Lakeland hotel.

I felt undervalued as an employee in this situation and discriminated against for being a woman.

No one from Werner bothered to reach out to me to inform me of what exactly was said or how they would rectify this training situation.

My trainer explained that he could no longer teach me because his wife did not feel comfortable with him training me.

He continued to tell me that his wife had contacted his fleet manager and expressed her concerns until he finally agreed to stop training me in order to save his marriage.

I am the person one directly affected by this situation.

I have had my training for a new career placed on hold as a result of someone else’s perspective and delusions. I was placed in the center of a domestic dispute and dropped off where the new drivers start when they are looking for a trainer.

It has been over a month now and I am in the waiting seat again while my male counterparts who started with me at CDL School are well off on their path to becoming qualified drivers.

It’s no surprise that I feel like it would have been different if I were a man.

As a veteran, who has worked in close quarters with men on a daily basis professionally, I am both shocked and appalled at the company’s response.

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