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He debuted from his national side in a World Cup-qualifier match.By that time, the footballer had also established himself as Manchester's first choice and helped the team retain the Premier League Championship title.This helped them clinch the league title from Barcelona.

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Beckham lost his cool during the 1998 World Cup match against Argentina and kicked Argentine player Diego Simeone after Simeone fouled him.

This was followed by a red card that forced Beck out of the field.

After moving to Galaxy, Beckham became one of the most coveted marketing assets for the club.

He was even loaned by the club to AC Milan after the Italian team was unable to pay the transfer amount put forward by the American club.

PSG won its first League title on after beating Lyon 1-0, while Beckham won his fourth top-flight medal.

Subsequently, Beckham was made the captain of his club team on .

David Beckham’s net worth is estimated at around 0 million (£280 million).

The British icon made 8 million in soccer revenues.

In the same year, he was also voted a PFA Young Player of the Year by his fellow Club players.

Along with fame and success also came controversies.

The match ended in a draw but the English side was eliminated in a penalty shootout.

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