After you record a video you can upload it directly to your You Tube channel.We also included direct submission options for Google Drive, Facebook and Vimeo.


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Each recording in the free plan can be up to 5 minutes long.

Get 30-minute recordings and unlimited videos by upgrading to the Business Plan at any time.

If you are travelling to Berlin and are wondering about what clothes you should pack, you can use our webcams to familiarize yourself.

As long with the webcam views, information about the current outdoor temperature, wind speed and rain probability is also available on the livecam feed.

To upload to any other provider, save the recording locally first.

We're using the latest in web technology and you don't need any outdated and insecure plugins such as Flash - unlike other webcams online.Observe passing stormfronts, a rising moon or the spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks as they happen on the "Livestream" channel.Or, take a look at the past hour and see the latest impressions of Berlin on the channel "Latest".We included a free video editor directly in our webcam recorder.You can use all editing options after finishing a recording, edit your video later after saving the original first or skip the editing altogether.LEARN MORE Collect video files right into your You Tube channel or Google Drive account.

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