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Pennebaker believes that writing about stressful events helps you come to terms with them, thus reducing the impact of these stressors on your physical health.I know what you’re thinking: “So writing a few sentences a day may keep me healthier longer, but so will eating lima beans!Why should I bother journaling when I’ve already got too much on my plate? Scientific evidence supports that journaling provides other unexpected benefits.

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Validating mental health

It is recommended that labels be assigned to health measures in a manner consistent with their content and other evidence of validity.

This paper tests the validity of a simple and easy to use scale, the Modified Mini Screen (MMS) to identify people with mental health problems in the treatment ecology for chemical dependency, including specialty sector substance abuse treatment settings, and shelters, jails and street community outreach programs.

Journaling (or keeping letters or diaries) is an ancient tradition, one that dates back to at least 10th century Japan.

Successful people throughout history have kept journals.

While your left brain is occupied, your right brain is free to create, intuit and feel.

In sum, writing removes mental blocks and allows you to use all of your brainpower to better understand yourself, others and the world around you.

The convergence between client's retrospective impressions of improvement and measured pre-post improvement is discussed.

The data collection was supported by National Institute of Mental Health contract 2(OP), Enid Light, project officer, and Cecil Wurster, adviser, both contributed greatly to this work.

University of Texas at Austin psychologist and researcher James Pennebaker contends that regular journaling strengthens immune cells, called T-lymphocytes.

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