Validating blackberry email

as an intentional security measure and the subscriber is required to enter their passwords again for all email addresses associated with the Black Berry Internet Service account.See article 13955 and article 14378 for more details.

These instructions may be slightly different on different models and OS versions.

Skip to step 4 if you have no email accounts on your Black Berry already.

Enter your Real Names email address and password then tap Continue. A processing message will be displayed on your screen.

The following settings need to be edited: Email Server: Enter mail.Use SSL: Optional.

On your Black Berry Bold 9930 web browser, navigate to your email provider's website and try to sign in to your email account.

If you're unable to sign in, double-check that you entered the correct username and password.

For what it's worth, I had to do it for my yahoo email Saturday morning. Same thing as your case, email from BIS, and BIS said password was not correct when I tried to validate. Afterward I validated my Yahoo email in BIS with the new password. Not done any editing of any sort to my accounts since I set them up on my blackberry.

Unfortunately, the university have been making a lot of changes recently so I've emailed their helpdesk to sort that out. At least as far as that email and the directions in it. BIS may have repeatedly encountered errors with your university email inbox and timed out. Sort out your university email login and then go back and validate the email in BIS.

Sprint recommends that you contact your IT department for the correct setup information.

Set up corporate BES email (enterprise activation).

*Using a browser on your computer, visit the Blackberry Internet Service website.

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