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The Script above is from the Index file and is used to update the My SQL data without refreshing the whole page.The "update.php" file is used here, but you can replace the files and the "id's" within the div or span tags with your own names.As you probably noticed, hidden frame RPC, while being portable across most almost all existing browsers, doesn't add much clarity to your code.

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Updating web page without refreshing

Once again this only updates the HTML file and not the PHP file.

Dmitri Khanine and Phil Carrillo July 2005 Summary: Looks at creating more dynamic user interfaces using Java Script RPC (Remote Procedure Call) to communicate with the server and update without requiring a browser refresh.

In my first Instructable "Getting Arduino data to a web page" I talked about refreshing the data by using the Meta command to refresh the My SQL data content.

The problem with this is that it refreshes the entire page and could possibly interfere with other scripts as well. So I have made a couple of improvements that might just make things work together a little more smoothly.

We then submit the request by changing the URL of the hidden frame.

After the response comes back, we update the content of our analyst drop-down.

In essence, the technique allows a Web page to avoid reloading and interrupting user activity when it needs to do a trip to the server for a server-side validation, dynamic lookup, or similar action.

Let's look at an investor profile management screen where an account supervisor may update an investor's details and assign her a financial analyst who is authorized to deal with her portfolio size.

To illustrate this concept we left a text area comments field that will retain its content without any effort on our end while the financial analyst drop-down updates. The sample application One of the ways this can be accomplished is by posting the form to a hidden frame when the portfolio size selection changes.

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