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You can’t avoid this aspect (because of the up-mentioned details) so you will have to get through this without messing things up – you can end up in bricking your handsets.

So, do follow dedicated step by step guides when trying to gain root access.

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The Android OS is the most popular mobile operating system used on most of the smartphones and tablets out there.

Of course the battle between Android and i OS, or should we say Google and Apple, if far from over, though both platforms are coming with great features and advantages for us, the gadgets addicted.

In this way you can speed up your handsets and improve the performances for receiving better results and an upgraded web browsing experience.

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We will assist you as soon as possible; also don’t forget to check our latest new and Android related tips, tricks and step by step guides.

Uninstalling Downloaded Apps Uninstalling System and Carrier Apps Community Q&A This wiki How teaches you how to delete apps from your Android device.Don’t worry you can choose any other update as long as you are ensuring that the system is stable and without bugs or things that aren’t working properly.The custom updates might come with custom kernels which means that you can afterwards learn how to overclock your Android device for improving the speeds, or underclock for upgrading the battery life (we have suitable guides here on Android.gs).In some cases after flashing the custom ROM, when rebooting the first time, your handset might get stuck in a boot loop (if the first boot takes longer than usual, don’t panic, there is nothing wrong with your device); if that happens, follow: So, that was it, now you know almost everything about custom ROMs for Android and how to install such a firmware on your smartphone or tablet.Remember to choose only the stable platforms that come with important features and capabilities.That’s why the custom ROMs can be applied only manually and only by following dedicated step by step guides.

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