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On Wednesday you can install all patches by updating your code.Check the shortlog to see if the official repository has been already updated or not.

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To initialize your local checkout, use $ cd /path/to/your/webroot $ git clone git://git.moodle.org/(1) $ cd moodle $ git branch -a (2) $ git branch --track MOODLE_34_STABLE origin/MOODLE_34_STABLE (3) $ git checkout MOODLE_34_STABLE (4) Note that Git has a huge number of options for each command and it's actually possible to do the above process with a single command (left as an exercise!! Git uses a read-only protocol that may be blocked by your firewall (port 9418).

If this is a problem, you can use Github's http version https://github.com/moodle/

It's a bit slower, so use the Git protocol if you can.

The Moodle development team performs integration and testing of fixed bugs every Monday and Tuesday.

$ git checkout -b MOODLE_29_STABLE origin/MOODLE_29_STABLE Branch MOODLE_29_STABLE set up to track remote branch MOODLE_29_STABLE from origin.

Switched to a new branch 'MOODLE_29_STABLE' $ git branch -D master Deleted branch master (was 345f5b1).As an example we use the Certificate module from the previous section.The file .gitmodules contains the local path and url of all your submodules.Otherwise it is easy to forget what Git repositories are there within the main Moodle repository.As it was said in the previous section, this is for advanced users only.Therefore it is necessary, that you have some experience with Git and its commands.

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