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Waiting for the "most" money for the long nm can tax the patience of the most patient man- ager, not to mention the hungr\ shareholder. if is still useful and indeed nece.s.sarezoid can represent available iiinds.

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"'« so'd with the understandin R that the publisher is not engaged in rendenng legal, accounting, or other professional service. This edition includes new material on inventory calculations, cash management instruments, self insurance, collection problems arising from bankruptcy and much more. One long-standing objective which has emerged from the turbulence and turmoil as primordial is that of building and maintaining a sound balance sheet.

B2N86 2003 658.15'l"dc21 2003051995 This publication is designed to provide accurate and authontalivc information in re Rard to the subject matter covered. Multiple tax laws, flip-flopping from liberality to stringency. It gives you some idea of the many reasons I believe a major revision of my earlier work is timely.

PROFITS: THE FRAMEWORK CAPSTONE On top of the funding trapezoid sits a capstone of profits. This pyramid represents the symmetry necessary and desirable to a successful business operation.

With a well-conceived trapezoidal funds base to support it, a corresponding profits capstone can be generated. With improperly allocated funds, profits are sporadic or deficient. A surplus of funds permits, or even en- courages, waste.

The strategic element in this program is the ail.ii)tation of the c slicel to promoting efficient operating profitability, where earnings will be of tangible (not illusory) (juality '111*- tacti( al element is found wi the linc-ilcm r«-vi;mi.i CONTENTS 1.

Advertising, training, research and development, moderni/.;jtion and other hallmarks of robustness, which are the key to the fiiture, are likely to suller disproportionately, curtailing prospects and potential What's set out in these pages is a program which may be an alternative to the above scenario, but, hopefiiliy, is more a combination preventati\c- and-energizer.

MAXIMUM VALUE FROM THE BANKING RESOURCE '-^^ Choice ol Hank 197 liankiiig Services Chciklisl 2(X) One Hank or Scvrralr' 202 Establishing the He! llowe%cr, there are some businesses with no allc K-ation to growth and others whose allocation in theor' is something else in fact. Lacking funds for the former can be fatal, but the latter heart-rendering.

ali Diiship 203 Ixian Arrangeuien I Tactics 2(M Conflicting IVrsp«'ctiv« of determining where that point is to be fixed. The "most" money today may mean bankruptcy in the long run (or even the short run). While these demands are dynamic, sometimes dependently and other times indei MMidently.


PRECISION IN INVENTORY REPLENISHMENT 129 Inventory Budgeting 129 Reorder Points 132 Time Period 135 Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) 136 Volume Discounts and Order Quantity 137 Carload Order Quantity (COQ) 138 Inventory Adjusted COQ 141 Building the Inventory Budget 143 Inventory Item Performance Review 147 Alternative Inventory Strategies 149 Emphasizing the Demand Connection 150 CONTKNTS 8.

1949- Balance sheet management : squeezing extra profits and cash from your company / by Morns A. PRECISION IN INVENTORY ADEQUACY 113 To Have or Not to Have 114 The Conflicts 115 Policy 116 Policy and Financial Responsibility 117 Inventory Costs 119 Carrying Costs 119 Stockout Cost 121 Safety Stock and Stockout Risk 122 Efficient Stockout Risk 124 Accounting and Valuation 126 Valuation Methods 127 7.

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