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You may need to either switch your device on and off or plug and unplug it or perhaps try a rear USB port2. If you'd like to become an affiliate and display the database application on your site commercially, please contact us and we'll get you started.

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****To get your Android powered Smartphone up and running with Phantom ALERT today, just follow these instructions:1. Review the installation processes by clicking on your welcome mail for your device type.

You may also need to review the settings in your device to ensure that there are audio alerts enabled. I plug in my GPS to the computer, but it doesn't recognize it and I can't upload Phantom ALERTA.

Find your welcome email and follow the instructions, It is the same as the initial installation 2. In today’s hectic world it’s easy to misplace or accidently delete an email or lose a PIN card, but remember, your PIN number is valuable, it’s your lifeline to ticket-free driving! Simply purchase the subscription by clicking here you’ll be directed to our SMART GPS page, where your new Pin will be automatically populated and all you need to do is select you device type from the top tabs and enter your phone and email, you’ll then be directed right to the download instructions and files for your device. We provide support through an online ticket system which tracks and manages the issue resolution process quickly and efficiently** Please Submit only one ticket per issue, multiple tickets will result increased response times*** . Depending upon the make and model of your device, you may receive audio and an "Alert" warning or if your device has text to speech capabilities you can configure the device and Phantom ALERT files to alert to different types of safety zones.

If you already know your Pin number or you have a Smart GPS pin card, go to and follow the instructions. Your PIN is located either on the back of your Smart GPS card or in your welcome mail, embedded at the very end in the product url (blue link) for your device type If you need us to replace your PIN number or welcome email, please contact customer support here ( and complete the short form to create a ticket. If you’re updating an existing Phantom ALERT installations, see the above FAQ 2 on how to update your device. REMIDER: Don’t forget to check your email, we send out a confirmation email with download links for each GPS brand. Please fill out the support contact form and submit, one of our technicians will respond with a solution. I see some “Free” GPS camera warning POIs, why do you charge for Phantom ALERT? Phantom ALERT database is the biggest and most accurate in the world. See the above GARMIN compatible devices which allow for voice alerts and custom icons.

*Before performing this update, please read all warnings and instructions described below, and make sure you understand them. Please take a note of the number of the version information. *Screenshots may show items that are not displayed in some vehicle types. *The screen shown appears when English is selected.

*The screenshot shows one example; actual screens may vary depending on the make of the vehicles. Press the [NAVI] button to return to the first screen. Find the download buttons at the bottom of the "Data download" page. The ‘AV MODE Selection screen’ shown on the right appears in the 2007 model. A version update progress screen will be displayed, and the update will begin. The screen will vary depending on which language setting you select.

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I love the idea, What Do I Need to Install the Phantom ALERT Database? The database is a list of locations, which need to be transferred to your GPS device. A lifetime subscription provides free updates to the database for as long as you own your GPS; additionally, with the Lifetime subscription you can add Phantom ALERT to multiple GPS devices if you or your family own more than one. The Phantom ALERT Database Application displays Red Light Camera, Speed Trap and other POI locations as geocoded longitude and latitude data using google maps, the coordinates correspond to user entered locations word-wide.

Getting Official Garmin Map Updates Using Maps from Other Sources Community Q&A Before you go on a road trip, you may want to update the maps on your Garmin Nuvi GPS device so you have the latest map data and won’t get lost.

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