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As I've noted before, it's basically an agreement that the company makes with everyone who purchases a license to use its core products, Windows (desktop and server) and Office.That assurance of support is especially important for business customers, who tend to be conservative in their approach to upgrades.

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In such cases it is not recommended to disable Protected View.

Protected View help keep your computer secure & safe.

These updates are required for ongoing support, and Microsoft supports each feature update for 18 months.

Support ended for the initial release of Windows 10 on May 9, 2017.

Support for the original release of Windows 8 ended "two years after the General Availability of the Windows 8.1 update," or October 18, 2015.

A similar policy applies to Windows Server 2012 (released at the same time as Windows 8) and 2012 R2 (equivalent to Windows 8.1).

Both operating systems are still supported, but the end of support date is identical for both and is based on the release date of Windows Server 2012.

Most PCs that included a preinstalled version of the original release of Windows 8 have long since disappeared from retail channels.

If this feature fails to detect any update, it is possible to manually install the Service Packs. Please note that in order to install SP2, you must first have the Service Pack 1 update installed. Please refer to the Install Instructions section on the Microsoft Download Center page for details on how to install a Service Pack.

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