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Garmin Nuvi 255w GPS Map Updates can be downloaded from the official Garmin website at a very reasonable price.

Cheap Garmin Map updates will ensure that you have the most up to date directions on your Nuvi GPS and are aware of any junction changes, road and highway alterations, plus general address changes.

Welcome to my independent website that tells you all about how you can download free Garmin maps, plus the process behind installing free Garmin maps on your Nuvi GPS product.

(Please note this also works for Zumo devices as well).

Generally if you want a free map download then you will need to go to their website and enter the serial number of your Nuvi Sat Nav. To be eligible you need to have registered your 255w within the sixty day period that the sat nav first picked up a satellite signal whilst being used on the road.

To see if you are eligible, click on the link below and get started.

Lifetime and Onetime Map Updates Alternatively you can pay a small fee for Garmin Nuvi 255w updates and they come in two different versions.

You can buy new Garmin maps for the lifetime of your GPS meaning that you can do four complete updates every year. Update prices start at well under dollars so are great value for money and will give you peace of mind when driving.

If you are looking to really enhance your road trips this year and drive an RV then the 255w should suit you – as it’s a widescreen navigator with many points of interest including tourist attractions and trails.

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