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I've tried this on other machines as well and the same thing happens...useful info: -I am trying to change the links for a lot (A1: CZ750) cells.Sub Find Replace HLinks(s Find As String, s Replace As String, _ Optional l Start As Long = 1, Optional l Count As Long = -1) Dim r Cell As Range Dim hl As Hyperlink For Each r Cell In Active Sheet.

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-I am linking to a new file on a shared network drive.

-The new file to which I am linking is virtually identical to the original My workaround has been to change the file path in the actual cells and fill..since this occurs on multiple machines/Excel installations I am thinking that I am doing something wrong. It may be if the file you are linking to is very large its just too much to handle - I've tried to avoid "heavy links".

I believe this places Excel commands on a higher priority than other applications and reduces, if not eliminates, freezing due to heavy usage of your system resources. If anyone's reading this and having the same problem I thought I'd share my experience.

I've been having this same problem, the PC apparently freezing and taking up to 20 hours to change the source of the link between the spreadsheet and another on a network drive. My file im linking would take over 30 mins (and hang). First thing tomorrow at work I am going to fix my link!!

I have a "collector" Word document that contains links from a "Collector" Excel workbook.

Once I update the values in my collector Excel document I want to update all of my linked values in my Word Document.The problem I'm hitting is that Word wants to reopen the workbook for each link.How do I tell Word to open it once and leave it open while updating all the links? Why aren't there more solutions or even a Microsoft KB solution for this?This feed is the only one I've found on the whole web!We have no control on what MS do or what google finds or not.

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