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Windows 8: Windows 8 can be rather awkward on traditional PCs without touch screens, especially at first. It actually offers many desktop features that are an upgrade over Windows 7 and you can hide much of the new “Modern” environment.Windows 8.1 is also on the way, ready for official release on October 17, 2013, and it’s much more comfortable to use on a more traditional desktop or laptop PC.Try using modern hardware or software on Windows 98, Windows Me, or even Windows 2000 — even Firefox no longer supports Windows 2000. Perhaps you’ve heard about how awkward Windows 8 can be on traditional computers — If you’re using Windows XP, we’re assuming you’re not using one of Microsoft’s Windows XP tablets.

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Windows XP mode isn’t included with Windows 8, but you can set up something just like Windows XP mode with VMware Player on Windows 8.

You can even use VMware Player — or another virtual machine tool, such as Virtual Box — to run Windows XP and your Windows XP applications on other operating systems, such as the Home version of Windows 7 or desktop Linux.

Microsoft even sells Windows 8 in downloadable form.

Desktop Linux: Unlike Windows 7 or 8, desktop Linux distributions like Ubuntu are completely free.

New computers come with Windows 8, and your local PC store probably doesn’t sell Windows 7.

If you want to get a boxed copy of Windows 7 to upgrade to, you may want to get it online — boxed copies of Windows 7 are still sold on websites like Amazon, although you probably won’t find them in many PC stores.Windows XP won’t be officially supported for much longer.Sure, you could keep using it — it won’t just stop working one day.Even today, many businesses are upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 — not Windows 8.If you’re a typical home user, getting Windows 7 may take a bit of extra footwork.It will just become more insecure over time as Microsoft and everyone else stops supporting it. It has been officially supported for more than a decade.

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