Updating copyright year alexander siddig dating

If the site has had no changes then it should be the earliest date.

Some people prefer it to be recent to look fresh, others prefer to make it as long ago as possible to show they got there first.

You have copyright whether or not the notice is there.

And even when there is such a notice, it's understood that there may be material covered by copyright that's not covered by the notice.

The "license" is different from that, since it defines the terms what other people are allowed to do with your code.

In the hyphenated form, the first date and the second date serve different purposes.

A copyright “notice” is simply a few words that provide the public with useful information about copyright ownership in the work to which the notice is attached. copyright law does not require you to include a copyright notice. copyright law, a valid copyright notice generally consists of three elements: Here’s a copyright notice for this column: “Copyright 2000 Doug Isenberg.” Despite the apparent simplicity of these required elements, each of them can contain traps for the unwary. Generally, the “year of first publication of the work” refers to the year in which the work (such as an instruction manual) was first distributed to the public.

Although it looks simple, care should be taken when composing a copyright notice, because it can have legal consequences. But, there are advantages to including a copyright notice, so it’s important to know how to write one properly. So, a manual written and distributed companywide in 1998 should obviously contain 1998 in the copyright notice. But what about your question: What happens when the manual is revised?(Not all of the material was first published in the most recent year, right? Copyright Act, if “the year date [in the copyright notice] is more than one year later than the year in which publication first occurred, the work is considered to have been published without any notice….” The consequences, though not fatal to copyright protection, can be significant, so it’s important to use care when deciding what date(s) to include in your copyright notice. The material in this column addresses a general legal issue only; is not legal advice and should not be relied on as such; and may or may not be appropriate to a specific situation.) And, more importantly, the law will punish you for doing so. Laws and procedures change frequently and are subject to differing interpretations.So if the copyright is held by a corporation, 99 years from then the corporation's claim on the content would have expired.However, it basically doesn't matter because copyright notices are not required anyway.Basically there is no convention and as you mentioned in your question it means absolutely nothing legally so you can put whatever you like.

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