Updating clearcase checkin comments

Damon Poole concurs: Developers often put off checking in.They put it off because they don't want to affect other people too early and they don't want to get blamed for breaking the build.

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It could be used with GNU Emacs 20.4 or higher, and with latest versions of XEmacs.

It could work with different operating systems — with different MS Windows, and with Unix-like OSes.

Other team members can then see who has the file out and why.

When you check the file back in this text will be presented as the default ci change description, which you can override.

But when I use comments with spaces, I run into error - if ($#ARGV !

= 1 ) my $base_branch = $ARGV[0]; my $comment = $ARGV[1]; my ($output, @FILE_LIST, $file, $desr); @FILE_LIST = `cleartool find -avobs -version "version(.../$base_branch/LATEST)" -print`; FILE: foreach $file (@FILE_LIST) If you've got to worry about double quote (or single quotes, or both) appearing in the comment text, then you need to do some work on the variable comment.

It's simple enough to have a stream in Clear Case coexist with a Mercurial repository.

All you need is to create a snapshot view on the stream in question.

For instance if I would like to work in ##Workflow The suggested workflow start with a cc branch which is the local mirror to your Clear Case repository.

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