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You can get the model and model year of any Mac by going to the  Apple menu and choosing “About This Mac”, where in the overview screen you will see something like “Mac Book Air (13-inch, Early 2012)” or similar.

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I highly recommend following the thoroughly detailed aforementioned i Fix It guide, but here are the basic steps if you’re curious as to what you’re getting yourself into: 1 – Removed the screws from the bottom of the Mac Book Air (the screws are temporarily stored in the little bins above the Mac) 2 – Disconnect the internal battery – don’t forget this (and don’t forget to reconnect when finished) 3 – Remove the stock SSD drive (it is held in by another screw) 4 – Replace with the new SSD drive, screw it in, then reconnect the internal battery 5 – Put the bottom lid back on and screw it back in, done!

Once everything is sealed back up again, you’re ready to go. Admittedly I do things in this tutorial a bit different than some other technical people do; mainly that I put a blank SSD drive into the Mac, which then required an OS install and restore, rather than cloning over the drives first.

If your Mac will not start up, stalls on a gray screen with an Apple logo, here is how you troubleshoot.

There’s speculation that File Vault (specifically, File Vault2 encryption) causes this particular problem.

The first step is to insure the replacement SSD is compatible with the Mac Book Air model.

This typically depends on the model year of the Mac Book Air itself, so it is critical that you know which model year the computer is.Beyond that it’s really not particularly complicated, even if it involves taking apart the Mac and putting it back together again.There are many great detailed tutorials that walk through the entire process from sites like i Fix It, and we’ll link to a few below.If you want to go the cloning route, Carbon Copy Cloner and Super Duper are both excellent and get the job done.Anyway, what I did in this scenario was two steps; perform a clean Mac OS X software install using a bootable USB flash key, then restore from Time Machine during setup. We’ve covered these topics before, so if you want to go this particular route (typically necessary if the original SSD failed) then refer to the following detailed walkthroughs: Keep in mind that if you’re restoring a Mac from a Time Machine backup, you can start that process immediately after clean installing Mac OS X during the setup process.For the sake of this article, let’s say the Mac Book Air is a 2012 model year.

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