Ukraine dating m contact absolutely no billing horny dating site

you would have to be absolutely stupid ta sray on this site.Simply put they are crooks of the worst kind Charming is a sister site to The websites promote women men looking to marry with someone from another culture and country.

THIS DATE SITE IS FRAUD OF THE WORST kind it is designed to prevent you from ever making a connection with the lady , the ladies look nothing like their photos they cheat you lot of yur credits and never refund your money.

you cannot mmake any kind of personal contact with the lady I am sure some of the ladies are getting pais to chat with the men and i have good reason to belive that impostures us the pofiles of other ladies to chat and produce revenue for charming date.

You pay for everything, the price per email is $8 whether you wanted it or not there is no way to prove you didn’t ask her to send you an email.

I let charmingdate know and they showed me some bogus passport picture that said she was single, I had a Ukrainian friend check it out and he said the passport is fake just by how old it was. From my personal dating experience, I can say that I have never used the services of this dating site.

) you can’t share addresses (they won’t send the information from the lady or from you!

) After months on this site and a couple of thousand dollars later it is determined that there is no way to actually meet these ladies. There is no way to communicate WITHOUT the service of the dating agency.

So if you cant afford these things then don’t toy with yourself or the women.

Now it is not a scam these women are real and genuine.

The customer service can also be very helpful, a couple of months ago I accidentally clicked on a video and was charged 2 credits, I wrote customer service and they had to pull a couple strings but I did get my 2 credits back.

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