Turn off ps3 updating amasu dating

I found a guide that indicated how to boot into safe mode (essentially holding the power button through a cycle of beeps), but I can't get to the menu.I've tried pulling out the hard drive and trying to get to safe mode and doing the same and trying to get the update to initialize, but I still get the error code.Update - please read on for how I solved the problem.

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Anyway, after doing all that, my ps3 works exactly as it did before, but I cannot update to 3.40.

Tried it again using 3.40 on usb drive and had to repeat this procedure. Hope this helps any of you without costing you the 6 hours it took me.

You can also set the update block to "permanent", then the update block is auto-enabled after each restart (independent from restricted mode).

Thanks at aldostools for the hint with "sys_map_path()" For CFWs without epilepsy warning i recommend 0-3 sec, for CFWs with epilepsy warning 6-9 sec.

The update failed and now I receive error code 8002F147.

I've gone through Sony's tongue in cheek joke they call troubleshooting (unplug the unit, wait a few minutes, then boot up again) but still get the error code.Don't forget to enable "USB authentication" in the settings menu.Main Functions: In order to block the system update, i use the modified files from XMB Lock from ermak86.If you can't do that, then you won't be able to complete the process I described.I'd suggest doing a google search and seeing if you can find a "How to connect your ps3 hard drive to a computer tutorial" as I'd wager there is probably a good one out there.Authentication is done in the same way as you save it or via an USB device.

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