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Bringing up a child is about more than imparting facts.It is about doing your best to make sure they have good self-esteem, feel loved, can give love in return and respect others.But if you’ve always used the term ‘willie’, then don’t suddenly feel you have to use the word ‘penis’ all the time.

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There are no rules, so don’t feel that Dad has to talk to the boys while Mum speaks to the girls.

What is more important is to have a little think about your attitude to sex.

The Task Force concluded that the findings are applicable to MSM aged 20 years or older, across a range of settings and populations, assuming that interventions are appropriately adapted to the needs and characteristics of the MSM population of interest.

Based on findings from economic evaluation studies, the Task Force also concluded that group- and community-level HIV behavioral interventions for adult MSM are not only cost effective but also result in actual cost savings.

Contraception is a different issue — and perhaps confusing to introduce in a chat with, say, a nine-year-old.

You can make the point that women don’t have to have babies: there are ways not to and the doctor can give women things to help.Dokumentarni film nagrađivane filmske ekipe - redatelja Ivana-Gorana Viteza, direktora fotografije Lutve Mekića, montažerke Antonije Mamić i autora specijalnih efekata Andreasa Čogulje - napravljen je u produkciji Native Ad Studija Hanza Medije i Hrvatskog Telekoma.Nova generacija MAXtv televizije postavlja novi standard u iskustvu konzumacije TV sadržaja.Startingsecondary school can be a good moment to have another, different chat about contraception.Introduce the idea that condoms safeguard against disease.If you have some hang-up or issue that makes talking about sex difficult, then it may be better to let your partner do the talking.

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