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6) You Continue to “Stay Friends” with a Woman Who Has Rejected You Many men make the mistake of staying “friends” with a woman who has rejected them, perhaps thinking that they can change her mind later on.However, this is only continuing to pour salt into your wound, especially when she gets romantically involved with another man – or worse, tells you about the man she really likes.Many guys think that all women want a man who knows how to make a girl laugh… However, the importance of cracking jokes and making girls laugh when picking up on them is FAR overstated…

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So while it’s okay to love life as a single person, make sure you also let others know you’re interested in meeting The Right One.

Don’t let The Right One slip away thinking you’re not interested in changing your single status.

I am delighted to advise you that I have met a lovely man through this site.

Our lives and thinking seem very compatible and we hope eventually to set up home together. Rita, I liked the format of the site and it was easy to complete the questionnaire. Our relationship developed very quickly even though the distance is well beyond my preference.

If you’ve noticed yourself exhibiting any of the above signs, it is time to stop doing so.

The Right One will only notice you are boyfriend material when you let her see it.

Find out her favourite restaurant, dress up well, make the effort to brush up on general events to talk about during the date, and so on.

All these little things will show that you are serious about getting to know her – and she will start to see you in a different light too.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem to make sense at ALL.

As so often is the case, however, the truth about what’s REALLY going on in the human mating game is not obvious; it’s counter-intuitive and hidden deep beneath the surface.

4) You Don’t Make Your Romantic Intentions Known You can think about how much you’d like a girlfriend, but a girlfriend isn’t going to fall from the sky into your arms.

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