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She protested but then stopped when he told her to shut up and quit being such a damn tease.

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She had been so insistent about them always having the best.

They lived in a large 4-bedroom house in the best development.

After they had been dating a month Stan brought her home one night and just followed her into her apartment.

She turned to ask him what he was doing and he grabbed her and began kissing her while undoing her dress.

She did do better than average for where she did work however.

She had been working there three weeks when Stan entered her life.

After all, Harry was supposed to provide them and he did at her insistence.

She was already behind on the house payments when she finally received the insurance settlements.

She always demanded the best on her dates and if they didn't provide it she let them know how dissatisfied she was with their efforts.

Few of her relationships lasted more than a month or so. Or, sure, she finally bit the bullet and tried to find work but the jobs she would consider she was not hired for.

He led her to her bedroom and they fucked for the first time.

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