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(In the Steam Library, right click the game and go to "Properties".

Look through the properties menu, in Local Files there should be a button that says "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" or something similar. If all that fails, try reinstalling Paladins through the gear in the launcher.

To begin with, you need to download the server and then the files corresponding to the game you're going to install.

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Many players have indeed played them countless times.

Servers usually host a selection of maps which correspond to a certain “tone”, and to your clan members' and visitors' wants.

All necessary infos required by the server are in the file which is itself in the cfg directory. It may look a little daunting like this, but it's necessary to know a minimum amount of these variables to manage your server properly.

// Server name - Provide a name for your server here hostname "Father Flubber's Counter-Strike Server @ Gandi" // rcon Password (this is your server's administration password, do not share it with anyone) rcon_password "password" Server cvars (here begins the long list of server variables) In a majority of cases : 0 disables the function 1 activates the function Sometimes you'll need to give a value, especially in the case of time variables. // activates friendly fire mp_friendlyfire 0 mp_footsteps 1 mp_autoteambalance 1 // Automatic kick of players mp_autokick 0 // Allows flashlights mp_flashlight 0 //Automatic punishment for team-killing mp_tkpunish 1 //Blocks camera for dead players mp_forcecamera 0 //Activates vocal discussion for both teams sv_alltalk 0 //Allows the server to be paused sv_pausable 0 //Allows cheating sv_cheats 0 //Checks integrity of data to ensure the client and server have the same files sv_consistency 1 //Allows upload and download (tags or maps you've added for example) sv_allowupload 1 sv_allowdownload 1 sv_maxspeed 320 mp_limitteams 2 mp_hostagepenalty 5 sv_voiceenable 1 mp_allowspectators 1 //Time limit for each map (in minutes) mp_timelimit 25 mp_chattime 10 //Time before inactive player is kicked (in seconds) sv_timeout 65// round variables //Time where players are frozen at the beginning of the round (in seconds) mp_freezetime 6 //Length of a round (in minutes) mp_roundtime 5 //Amount of money with which players begin round mp_startmoney 800 //Length of the bomb timer mp_c4timer 45 //Maximum amount of rounds before changing maps mp_maxrounds 0 //Maximum amount of team victories before changing maps mp_winlimit 0 //Player protection time before the beginning of a round (in seconds) mp_spawnprotectiontime 5//Miscellaneous //Defines if server is local or online (always leave this variable on 0) sv_lan 0 //Defines the server's region (For Europe, put 3) sv_region 3 //Disables Valve's dynamic pricing system (very few servers use it) mp_dynamicpricing 0 Few servers run with the original maps today.

Maps must be copied into the “maps” folder which is in your installation's root directory.

Once they have been copied, you need to add them to the mapcycle.

The game used to function as perfectly as it worked before, however now the game stops running after pressing 'play' on the launcher without giving a reason. I have made no changes to my PC and there have been no updates "Try checking for other background processes that might be blocking it (Firewalls, etc.) Check their whitelists and make sure that Paladins is allowed.

Run Paladins' launcher in administrator mode (Right click, the little shield "Run as Administrator") If both of those fail, try validating the files through steam.

Screenshots: what does not found in block entries mean and when i run steam that pos corrupt file thing runs and when i try to paly cs in steam a black screen comes up and i have to restart my pos comp u know watsup Probably not.

GCF files are quite complex and while enough is known about them to be able to extract them there is not enough known to be able to modify them.

About: GCFScape is an explorer like utility that enables users to browse Half-Life packages and extract their contents.

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