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At first, I thought this was weird- called her out by saying "are you serious right now? " As she kept suggesting I write it down and she...

Im gorgeous Its not hard finding a guy but he just has to be VERY SUBMISSIVE.... Email me if you have any suggestions as to what approach I should take... Often punished for wetting my bed by being put into diaper's and locked outside. These feelings make me feel much more masculine than feminine as a rule. I will do as I please and, as I have said to some, a man may comply with my wishes, commands, idle comments or he may leave. His penis stood at a attention, or should I say my penis, For I am the one that owns it, controls it, decides its fate. I just met her last week and we were both drunk at the bar.

Laughed at in the shower's at school for my tiny penis. When this particular mood strikes, I like to see my sub dress up for me. If a man wishes to submit to me, he must do just that...submit. We shared a kiss and exchanged numbers and here we were a week later on a dinner date.

The one problem that this presents is that most submissives are not aggressive in the sexual arena.

Fortunately - I am so I can put that rather annoying trait in my... Do what I say when I say it without any complaints... I had recently returned home from a round of business trips and was feeling pretty powerful and Masterly. I lightly drag my finger nails across his back and down his chest stopping at his nipple.

Small talk progressed to sex talk as the 3rd bottle of wine arrived at our table.

I breeched the topic of the strangest thing that's...

Phone sex is a brilliant way to share with genuine submissives how controlling you are over any type of woman who crave a bloke that can crack the whip and demands a true cum bucket whore like all these waiting sluts at home right now on cheap adult phone sex.

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Nothing has been changed; the photo was taken that day. i am a young submissive male, i need to be owned and branded by a mistress.

Satyr entered My house as he’d been taught -- let himself in, remove his clothes (taking care to fold them neatly before placing... i want her to torture me and make do unthinkable things that would harm me but please her. They do not even have to give me any kind of sex, I just adore being around young women who find pleasure in dominating men.

It was deja vu all over again as He shared His distaste for male subs because He believed them to all be effeminate, weak, simpering little boys. .....after leaving nail marks on his chest, I slowly walk around and stand in front of him.

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