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As a starting point I’m really happy with how the Test Controller is working at the moment.

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This section discusses some of the problems you might encounter in order to show you how to avoid them in your final design.

The first hurdle you encounter is different packages following different development methods.

One change that will happen every time you create a package is modifying the name of a server location while moving a package through your environments, from development to quality assurance (QA) to production, or something similar.

Every time you need to open and change the package itself, you open yourself up to the possibility of error.

By having packages with different development methods for these base requirements, you’ll also end up with an inconsistent problem-solving routine.

Each time you start to research an issue on a new package, you’ll need to look in an entirely different place than you did the last time you looked at a package.

The rest of your team also has requirements for the package, which includes the following: It comes down to you to put all of these requirements into every package that you create.

Challenges of Not Having a Framework Implementation You will face many hurdles when coming up with an approach to handle the aforementioned requirements.

Only after that understanding can the new developer make modifications, which will result in a longer maintenance cycle.

Using different development methods can also result in confusion about where to make the change.

This issue was briefly touched upon earlier in this chapter in the discussion of how to store a connection string, but it is not just isolated to databases.

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