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So basically she was a hot fat girl that was exactly my type of woman. We talked for a few weeks, traded pics, and talked about how hot we were for each other.So we arranged to meet and get a room somewhere in between the two cities we lived in. We had a few drinks in the room which led to the conversation turning sexual.

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She whipped out my cock and began sucking it while I sat there drinking, smoking, and watching some tv. After that we jumped back in bed and I mounted her doggy. She got her pussy full of my swimmers and I had a cock emanating the sweet aroma of her sweet fat pussy. I met a super sexy SSBBW girl on a dating site named Kelly and we started chatting.

I slid my cock in her dripping fat pussy, grabbed a handful of her rolls and watched her body jiggle all over while I pounded her. I love big girls and she had a beautiful voluptuous body with long red hair and I instantly had the hots for her.

She always seemed self confident when in front of the lenses. Started to read some of them and found a guy that I like.

I was nervous about it all, we chatted for a few days, he buttered me up and we sent photos to one another, he had a cut seven in dick, a little chubby, I thought he looked hot. I went over to his house, knocked on his door, we will call him Ben. Continue┬╗ I have found the stories on this website to be incrediably entertaining.almost as much as the porn.

I started removing her clothes one article at a time before removing my own clothes.

We layed down together, both of us completely naked, enjoying the feeling of our bare skin against each other.

Her thighs were so thick and soft, which drove me crazy thinking about spreading her juicy thighs apart and wedging my hips in between them to give my throbbing cock entry to her beautiful fat pussy.

And of course her ass was huge and bouncy, which I couldn't wait to get behind and pound doggystyle.

I told her that I found everything about her so fucking sexy and asked her if she was into dirty talk.

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